Sports School of the Year

The school was shortlisted for the Northampton Sports School of the year for the third year running. We were runners up this year. Well done to Lings Primary School who were this years winners.

Sports Update

Last week our year 5 & 6 boys football team managed to win all of their league games and make it through to the trophy playoffs.Our girls football team played three matches last week. winning one and narrowly losing the other two. The team played really well together, in very cold conditions, and were a credit to the school.Our year 3 & 4 football team took part in a tournament this week and played extremely well together and only narrowly lost in the final.


Summer Games

We are at the school summer games with 6 teams, the most any one school in Northampton have ever taken. We are very excited and are looking forward to trying our best.


Table Tennis

Some Year 4 children came over from Bellinge Campus at lunchtime to take part in a table tennis tournament with the Year 4 children from Ecton Brook Campus.

IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1437 IMG_1438 IMG_1439

A fun time was had by all.


Spirit of the Games

Some of our year six children from each of our sites took part in the spirit of the games event at Abington park. The children experienced rounders, golf and football. The children had a good time improving their skills and supporting each other and the children from Weston Favell Primary School who we went around with. The children really exemplified the Olympic Values and were a credit to the school.



Year 3 Football

20140624-090014 pm-75614801.jpg
A group of children in year three, from across ours two sites, took part in a year 3 football competition. They showed great sportsmanship throughout the competition. They played really well and managed to get to the final which they lost 2 v 1 against All Saints Primary School. Well done to our amazing year 3 football team. Mrs Turner and I were very proud of you all.

20140624-091051 pm-76251946.jpg

20140624-091053 pm-76253238.jpg

Tennis tournament

20140619-084924 pm-74964407.jpg

Four of our year 5 and 6 children took part in a tennis competition this week. They had a great time in the sun and improved their tennis skills. They managed to win 13 out of the 16 games they played.

20140619-085130 pm-75090571.jpg

20140619-085130 pm-75090853.jpg

20140619-085130 pm-75090023.jpg

20140619-085131 pm-75091489.jpg

20140619-085131 pm-75091144.jpg

20140619-085130 pm-75090297.jpg

KS1 Multiskills Festival

The amazing year 5 Young Leaders in the year 5 on the Ecton Brook Site led a Key Stage 1 Multisports festival. The year 5 children were wonderfully organised and explained the activities extremely clearly. All of the children participated well to improve their skills ensuring that their groups achieved the highest scores they could. It was great to see so many children actively involved in sporting activities at the same time. A similar event will be taking place on the Bellinge Campus very soon.

20140619-104702 am-38822578.jpg

20140619-104726 am-38846366.jpg

20140619-104726 am-38846951.jpg

20140619-104726 am-38846665.jpg

20140619-104726 am-38846058.jpg

Reception year intra sports

The reception year children have been competing against each other to see which class could throw the most hoops over a set of three cones. Each child had three hoops and had to stand a set distance away from the cones. The children had fun competing and sharing their successes with the other reception classes. Thank you very much to the year 6 children who help organise the event and supported the reception children in refining their skills.

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20140617-071512 pm-69312481.jpg

20140617-071545 pm-69345194.jpg