Change4Life Festival – Overstone

Yesterday the children that attend theChange4Life club at school attended the festival at Overstone Scouts Club.

First we did Orienteering, which brought out some great skills , some children were brilliant at map reading, others were good at working out the clues and all of them were great at finding the clues.

Once we had completed that task we then played team games. Again the bond and strength as a team was a pleasure to watch.

The Magic Mile – Class 12

In wonderful sunshine class 12 completed their weekly Magic Mile. The continuous jogging has allowed the children to improve in stamina and to get better result times.

Many of the children reached a new PB today, well done Class 12.

NPAT (Get Staff Active) Project – Northampton Parkrun

Well today was the day for the Parkrun, firstly I’d like to thank everyone not only for turning up but for giving up a part of their weekend.

It was a brilliant morning for NPAT, staff were running/walking for the first time, some were trying for a PB, some had their children, others had dogs, some were pacesetters, but most of all we all supported one another right to the end. There was determination, tears, joy and laughter on completion.

I wanted 40 members of staff, 44 of you came out including Masie the dog, many have said they will definitely Parkrun again, so a massive well done and thank you once again for making another NPAT event a success.

Quadkids Athletics Year 3/4 – Moulton College

This morning Year 3/4 took part in the Quadkids Athletics. Both teams consisted of 5 boys and 5 girls.

Each team participated in howler throw, standing long jump, 400m run, 50m run and the relay.

It was brilliant, some of the races were so close to call. We have to wait for the results to see where we came.

KS1 Multi-skills – Lings Primary

Yesterday children from years 1 and 2 went to Lings Primary School to take part in a Multi-skills festival.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves learning new skills and different challenges.

All the Young Leaders led the children at each challenge station, with some really promising results.

Magic Mile – Class 12

This morning class 12 ran their Magic Mile as yesterday was a bank holiday.

It was very warm so the children were very sensible and slowed their running down a pace in order to get round.

Class 12 have been doing the Magic Mile since September 2017 and have monitored their times each week. Every child has improved since their very first run.

NPAT (Get Staff Active Project) A Weekend of Running

At the weekend Ecton Brook ladies took to the roads in Milton Keynes.

Some of us entered the MK 5k rocket race on Sunday, some of us entered the MK Half Marathon and the Marathon Relay on Monday. If you entered 2 races you also received a challenge medal.

Well done to Mrs Timmis and Mrs Clark for their Marathon Relay, whilst Miss Pilgrim and Mrs Norris entered the MK Half Marathon.

Cycling Competition Year 5/6 – Overstone Scouts

Today for the first time in our sports curriculum we had cycling at the Overstone Scouts Centre.

It was brilliant. The children tried really hard in their individual races and then in the relay race.

The course was quite intense incorporating hills and a pond. David claimed a Gold medal for finishing 1st in all of his races, Jade got a Sliver medal for coming 2nd in all of her races and Ecton Brook came 2nd collectively gaining Silver medals, a really good achievement for competing for the first time, well done.