Cricket Year 5/6 at Ecton Brook

Yesterday Ecton Brook held a cricket competition against 3 other schools, Lings, Thorplands and Standens Barn.

The children were sweltering in the hot sun and water bottles were being constantly replenished.

Even though Ecton Brook did not win any of their matches, their skills grew and they are now more knowledgeable of the game, well done to the team.

Cricket Coaching Year 5

This morning Year 5 were treated to some cricket coaching by Nick Baker.

The children learnt to catch, throw and they managed to play a brief game of ‘ Diamond Cricket’ all in their first lesson.

Nick will be in school for the next 5 weeks teaching cricket to the KS2 children.

Sports Day KS2

This afternoon was our KS2 sports day, again the parental support was very good.

The children were very competitive and showed great sportsmanship. Everyone enjoyed this afternoon staff and pupils alike.

Well done to everyone who participated today.

Sports Day KS1

Today is sports day on both sites for Ecton Brook. This morning was KS1’s sports day.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the parental support was very good.

The children hopped, skipped and jumped their way through the different stations with smiles on their faces, well done to all of KS1 children.

Change4Life Festival at Ecton Brook

This morning 5 other NPAT schools came to Ecton Brook for the Change4Life festival.

The Young Leaders did an excellent job in leading their chosen station, the explanations on how to play the games were outstanding.

The children who participated thoroughly enjoyed themselves, there was laughter as well as a high competitive level amongst the teams.

One young leader from each school was chosen for the ‘Shining Star’ award.

Tennis Year 3/4 – Northampton Tennis Club

After school today 4 children from years 3/4 went to play in a tennis competition.

Having never played tennis before the children were very nervous about the task ahead.

Confidence grew with every game, serves started going in and eventually we won some games.

The children did both themselves and Ecton Brook proud, well done.

Race for Life – Bellinge Campus

On Tuesday the annual Race for Life event took place at Bellinge Campus.

Children and staff participated in this event. There were plenty of spectators due to the hot weather. Some ex pupils came to watch and cheer on the runners.

Well done to all that helped and to those that ran up to 3 miles.

Quadkids Athletics Year 5&6 – Moulton College

This morning Year 5 and 6 took part in the Quadkids Athletics. The team consisted of 5 boys and 5 girls.
They participated in howler throw, standing long jump, 600m run, 50m run and the relay.
It was brilliant, some of the races were so close to call. All the children tried their best and represented the school well. Mrs Timmis and Mrs Pallett were very impressed especially at passing the baton on the relay. We have to wait for the results on Friday to see where we came.


Girls Football Years 5/6 – Kingsthorpe Grove

Yesterday the year 5/6 Girls took part in a football competition at Kingsthorpe Grove.

So many schools turned out with their team of girls. It was nice to watch the skill level, pace and drive that the teams showed.

Ecton Brook won one game, drew one and lost two, a very good effort by the girls.