Gymnastics Year 3/4 – KCC

After school today we went to KCC to compete in the gymnastics competition. The results will be published tomorrow.

We even managed to take an additional gymnast who did not compete but came to watch, she took most of the photographs for the blog, so a big thank you.

All of our girls were from Year 3 and I have to say they were outstanding.

NPAT ‘Get Staff Active’ Project – Badminton

NPAT’s sport this week was badminton at Lings Forum. NPAT had 5 of the 6 courts in the hall and they were all in use all of the time.

We played in pairs and played pair against pair up to 11 points then changed to play another pair.

Some staff were complete beginners, some hadn’t played since their school days and some were competitive which gave the game a perfect balance. Once again there was plenty of humour, laughs and fun to make it another enjoyable activity.

NPAT staff, another great turnout