Archery ‘intra-sport’ competition Staff and Yr 5/6

Today was the Archery ‘intra-sport’ Competition.  Both staff and pupils came to compete for their house.  

One of Ecton Brooks school Projects is to get every member of staff active, so you will be seeing a lot more staff taking part in the ‘intra’ competitions.

Also our Young Leaders who were trained last Friday, it was their first time to help in a competition and they did a marvellous job st scoring, demonstrating and taking names. 

Who will hit the target.

Young Leaders doing their lists and scoresheets

Take aim …

Wait, wait …..

The EBPS staff getting involved

‘I must be able to hit the target, surely’

‘How does the arrow go again?’

Young Leaders Training

Today 30 Young Leaders were trained at Ecton Brook.  The Young Leaders will be delivering games during lunchtimes to other children, as well as helping out at our many sports events. 

The enthusiasm and encouragement displayed from them whilst delivering their activity to Year 2 this afternoon leaves me in no doubt that it will be a great year for our Young Leaders.  

We all love ‘Popping Pirates’

Lots of concentration for this game

Explaining the instructions to Year 2

Reading the game instructions

Warm up exercises

Classroom based Learning

What words describe a Young Leader

Working together on the sports values

Change4Life Club

The Change4Life club has started at Ecton Brook, there is a 12 week Programme where the children will do different activities each week.  Some of the activities will be, Archery, New Age Kurling, Dance and healthy cooking. 

Today was the parachute and the children enjoyed themselves immensely. 

Year 5/6 Girls 7-aside Football 

Ecton Brook hosted the girls football competition today.  

We played against Standens Barn, Woodvale, St Peters and Rectory Farm.  Some of the games were very close, but overall we improved with every game. 

It was nice to see so many parents from other schools come out to support all the teams. 

We managed to come in 3rd place so a very well done girls, a brilliant effort. 

A pet talk

A quick practice

Warming up

Talking tactics

Year 5/6 Girls football team

Running Club 

Running club has commenced on both sites. 

Tuesdays there is running club at both Ecton Brook and Bellinge.  Wednesdays at Ecton Brook and Thursdays at Bellinge site.  

If you would like to join running club on either site please let your teacher know.  This is a great way to stay fit and get healthy. 

Sailing – Pitsford

Yesterday at sailing it was more than apparent that the children knew the routine, wetsuit, life jacket, boat, pull it down to the water, set it up, ie: bung, sail, board, push boat into water and sail away. 

Some of the children had their boat in the water within 10 minutes.  

Despite there not being much wind we still had a brilliant time. 

Mrs Norris Sporting her wetsuit


Here come the girls

Setting the boat up

Launching the boat into the water

It’s like quicksand

And we’re off

I’m stuck

This is the life

Rolling up the sail

After 3 run in

Enjoying the water

New Age Kurling A, B and C teams

This morning Weston Favell school attended Ecton Brook to compete in a New Age Kurling Competition. 

All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they all improved and progressed throughout the competition.  

Weston Favell won, but the team work from both teams was outstanding. 

100% concentration

Just knock that Kurl off

The A team

Ecton Brook’s A, B & C team

Weston Favell (L) v Ecton Brook (R)

Forest School starts again

What wonderful weather we had for Forest School this afternoon. 

The children laughed, played made dens and found insects, a good start for the rest of term. 

Into the Forest we go

We’re loving this

I’m thinking of jumping from here

Girls meeting way up in the trees

I climbed all the way up here

A blue monster in the forest

We will finish this

Girls den with seats

My swing

Our man cave

The tiniest snail ever