The Magic Mile – Class 12 – Level 0  

Class 12 have begun their Magic Mile.  This class  ran/walked the mile. The Mile is timed and recorded.  The children will then compete against themselves (level 0), every week and see if they can improve on their previous time. 

Class 12 are also continuing to participate in the Joe Wicks workout 3 times a week . 

Almost a mile

Get set, Go!

On your marks

Change4Life goes Healthy Eating

This afternoon the Change4Life children are experiencing eating healthy and different foods.

They had a choice of different fruits, nuts, seeds and yogurt to try.  They were all advised to try something they would not normally eat.

They soon tucked into some delicious tasty healthy snacks.

Yum, yum can’t wait

Sampling the food

Ecton Brook attends Dexterity Dance 

Ecton Brook went to Great Houghton today to attend Dexterity Dance.

Each school made up a routine and then presented their performance to the other schools. 

We all enjoyed learning the routine but we were a little bit nervous when we had to perform it in front of everyone else. 

The final practice

Jump and scream

Learning the routine

We are street dancers

Netball (NPAT) Ecton Brook v Lings

Yesterday we kicked off our first NPAT ‘Get Staff Active’ games with netball.

It was a great turnout 18 members of staff turned up to play netball at Ecton Brook.  Most of us had not played netball since we left school but it all came flooding back.  Some staff had never played netball before.

We all had fun and thoroughly enjoyed it, Lings won 6-2, however the score did not reflect the enjoyment, we laughed so much.  Our next game is against Abington Vale on Tuesday.

NPAT Games Ecton Brook v Lings

Running all over the court

Throw it to me

Ecton Brook warming up

Tag Rugby ‘Shield’ Finals Year 5/6 Bellinge Team

Yesterday Bellinge Tag Rugby Team went to Millway Primary School to compete for the ‘Shield’.

There were 5 teams in our group.  We lost 2, drew 1 and won 1 which led to us finishing in 3rd place in our group.  Again we improved with every game.  The girls in this team were amazing their tagging ability allowed so many ‘6 Tag turnovers’ which proved valuable to their team.

Bellinge Team will now play Ecton Brook Rugby Team next term,

Well done to both teams. 

Warming up

A line out

Bellinge Team

Mr Watson coaching

Finding out which group they were in

Tag Rugby ‘Plate’ Year 5/6 

On Tuesday Ecton Brook Year 5/6 went to Kingsthorpe Primary School to compete in the Tag Rugby ‘Plate’ Competition. 

Everyone played well and we had some outstanding teamwork and Try’s. 

We finished in 3rd place and we are very happy as we improved with every game.  Ecton Brook will now play Bellinge Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Team next term. 

Waiting for the start of the next game

The Ecton Brook Team

Aspiration Group

Yesterday was the final day of the Aspirations Group activities.

When we arrived at the Benham Centre, most of the other schools that participated were there.  All the schools discussed what they liked the best and what they least liked.  All of the schools said the project had helped them grow in confidence, build on their teamworking skills and in some cases some of the children had made new friends.

Pone thing that stood out and was apparent when they were asked ‘Would you do Aspirations again?’, every child said “Yes”.




Likes and least liked

Sailing – Pitsford

Yesterday was truly an amazing day for sailing.  Everything was just perfect.  The sun was shining, the wind was just the right amount to take us from side to side, it was brilliant.

The children looked and acted like experienced sailors and did a magnificent job at rigging and getting their boats onto the water.

Team work

‘Where does this go again?’

Final checks

Out we go

A helping hand

Sailing into the sunset

Wading in the water

All hands on deck