NPAT Get Staff Active Project – New Years Day 2018 2 Parkruns

The first run of the year has been completed by Ecton Brook staff. Mrs Rowland and Mrs Norris completed the Northampton Parkrun at 9am this morning, whilst Mrs Timmis, Mrs Clark and Miss Pilgrim completed 2 Parkruns in Milton Keynes.

Linford Wood started at 8.45am followed by Willen Lake at 10am. Mrs Timmis managed to get PB’s (personal best) at both Parkruns.

As part of the Get Staff Active Project we are also participating in RED (Run Every Day January), if any staff are interested in any of the above events please contact me.

Happy New Year 2018 – Milton Keynes Parkrun(s) 2 completed

NPAT Get Staff Active Project – Parkrun Northampton

This morning at 9am Ecton Brook staff were at the racecourse taking part in the weekly Parkrun.

Mr Woods ran an impressive 29.8 minutes beating the 30 minute barrier. The rest of us participated trying to beat our own personal best times.

The Parkrun will be one of the NPAT Get Active Sports being offered to staff later on in the new year, so watch this space for more details.

Ecton Brook staff at the end of their run

Mr Woods at the finish line

NPAT Get Staff Active Project – Mrs Timmis 50th Parkrun on Christmas Day

Today Mrs Timmis ran her 50th parkrun with Ecton Brook staff and her family.

All dressed in Christmas outfits for Christmas Day the group sang Jingle Bells as we jogged around the racecourse. Her nephew has volunteered 25 times at parkrun so he was also celebrating a milestone.

Mrs Timmis managed to get a PB during the festivities running 5k in 38.49 mins, well done to such a big achievement.

Mrs Timmis celebrating her 50th parkrun With friends and family

with Ecton Brook Staff

The Magic Mile – Class 12

Today was very icy outside so Class 12 completed their Magic Mile in the Hall. The children found it harder as they said ‘there’s no air’, ‘it’s too hot’.

Despite the different conditions they completed 42 laps of the Hall and enjoyed it.

Class 12 started outside but it was too icy.

We started outside, but it was to icy

On the final lap

Forest School

Today we worked with the elements, the crisp cold air, glorious sunshine plus the wind gave us perfect conditions for our parachutes.

The children played and rolled on the hills with such excitement that they forgot it was cold.

The hot chocolate was very welcomed by all.