Miss Pilgrim reaches 100 parkruns

Today was a very special day for Miss Pilgrim as she went to the racecourse in Northampton to complete her 100th parkrun. Lots of teachers went down to support her as she does so much to encourage everyone of us to be active. Parkrun is a national event that takes place every Saturday its a 5k run and anyone is welcome to join.

Miss Pilgrim after her 100th run

enjoying every moment

Mrs Rowland made a special cake

Stopping for a selfie with Brian on his corner

Gymnastics Year 3/4

Year 3/4 went to Kingsthorpe Community College to compete in the gymnastics competition.

We glided through our routines showing our agility and ability to the judges.

The reults came in and we finished in 2nd place, which means we are through to the finals.  Well done to our gymnasts.

Strike a pose

Hold for 3 more seconds please

100% concentration

On the way to a perfect landing

Balancing to perfection

Golf Scholarship – Overstone

Today was the first session of Ecton Brooks Golf Scholarship programme.  It was very cold and windy.  Brian Mudge the coach was showing us how to swing the golf club.  After many attempts everyone managed to hit a ball. 

Brian Mudge in the ‘indoor centre’

A perfect swing

Altogether now -before

Altogether now – after

Forest Schools – Jan 2017

Forest Schools started today with a new group of children.  Earlier on in the day it snowed and we were excited at the possibility of going out in the snow, but as the day went on the snow cleared.

The children were very excited about their new adventure into the forest, that the cold winds did not seem to deter them from having fun.


Tri Golf

Yesterday we took 10 children from Years 3&4 to Collingtree Golf Club for the Tri Golf competition, the sun shone and we had a fantastic afternoon.

The children tried really hard and improved so much during the afternoon.

IMG_1400 IMG_1406