NPAT (Get Staff Active) Project – Northampton Parkrun

Well today was the day for the Parkrun, firstly I’d like to thank everyone not only for turning up but for giving up a part of their weekend.

It was a brilliant morning for NPAT, staff were running/walking for the first time, some were trying for a PB, some had their children, others had dogs, some were pacesetters, but most of all we all supported one another right to the end. There was determination, tears, joy and laughter on completion.

I wanted 40 members of staff, 44 of you came out including Masie the dog, many have said they will definitely Parkrun again, so a massive well done and thank you once again for making another NPAT event a success.

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  1. What a fabulous event and so great to see to see so many Ecton Brook and NPAT runners, walkers and joggers out today. Well done everyone, and huge thanks and congratulations to Mrs Pilgrim for getting all 44 people out being active this morning. What an achievement! From Mrs Kedwards 🙂

  2. What a lot of teachers and TA’s running epescialy the ones that haven’t ran before. I think Millie the dog running is such an achivment with her mum and mrs archer really awarded after the run and lots of water. One question how many teachers took part.
    All the teachers and TA’S especially the ones that haven’t done it before so keep running and keep fit.

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