The Golf Scholarship continues ….. 17/02/18

Yesterday at Overstone Golf Course the golfers had a junior competition. Most of the Ecton Brook golfers were away on their holidays, but it was perfect weather for the other children that attended.

Lily-Mae (who started her Scholarship with Ecton Brook) is a regular trainee at Overstone. She currently has a handicap of 55 and I was delighted to be informed that she will probably be playing golf at county level next year.

Her father is now also a keen golfer as he not only attends all of Lily-Mae’s golf lessons (as her caddy), but he has now taken up golf himself so that they can both play whilst spending time together.

Lily-Mae setting up her stanceDaughter & father enjoying their favourite pastime

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  1. Thanks Miss Pilgrim for taking the time to see Lily-mai’s golf career ( LOL ). She now has an official handicap of 52 before it was 55. We hope to see you more on the golf course and hopefully the rest of group, once they are back from their holidays. Again thank you for the school and your support.

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