NPAT ‘Get Staff Active Project’ Archery at Bellinge Site

After work today 20 members of staff turned up to play in the NPAT Archery Competition.

There was so many staff from Ecton Brook, Lings and Headlands, we made an additional team called the Extras. Once all the rules were explained the competition got on the way, we laughed, sighed and cheered as each arrow flew across the hall.

The results are as follows: The Extras 12pts, Ecton Brook 2 33pts, Headlands 38pts, Ecton Brook 1 40pts and Lings 46pts.

Well done to all that participated.

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  1. Love all of these events Lynette. Thank you so much for inviting us. Always a great fun and so many laughs🤗. It is good to see so many staff joining in across NPAT.

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