Class The Magic Mile – Level 0

The children are getting faster, today recorded the fastest time for a mile since we started the Magic Mile.

Children who were struggling slightly before there has been significant improvement in their times.

What was really nice about today there were plenty of smiles and really good attitudes about the run, someone said ‘I’m used to running on a Monday now’ which was very positive for all of us.

8 thoughts on “Class The Magic Mile – Level 0

  1. The Magic Mile was so fun and breath- taking and were sooooo excited , well i am, to do it next Monday! I really wasn’t excited at first and i was terrified to do the magic mile ,but now i’m not.

  2. The magic mile is a great experiance also it is great fun to beable to run and try to beat our own score.Everybody enjoys the magic mile is it great that we can run a mile with our friends and try and have fun and have a great experiance. WE HAVE LOTS OF FUN while we do this!!!

  3. Every Monday we always do the magic mile and we dont have to worry about other people all you have to worry about is your own score and have a good time while we run.

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