The Magic Mile – Class 12 – Level 0

Class 12 completed their ‘ Magic Mile’ in under 15 minutes today, which means there has been great improvement in their times, well done and keep up the good work.

3 thoughts on “The Magic Mile – Class 12 – Level 0

  1. We class 12 doing the magic mile. It was also fun and a bit hard but your musles will grow.We are running around the hole play ground in about 4 lapes.

  2. Every Monday we go outside and we do our magic mile. We need to run around the year 5 and year 6 ramp then on the little play ground and then on the big playground but 4 times my lowest score was 7 minutes 56 seconds and my highest was 8 minutes 54 seconds.i rearly love running and it is so fun and i would like to do it every Monday.

  3. I really enjoy the magic mile because it gets you fit and ready for school my best time is 10:02 its really fun!

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