Sailing – Pitsford

Yesterday at sailing it was more than apparent that the children knew the routine, wetsuit, life jacket, boat, pull it down to the water, set it up, ie: bung, sail, board, push boat into water and sail away. 

Some of the children had their boat in the water within 10 minutes.  

Despite there not being much wind we still had a brilliant time. 

Mrs Norris Sporting her wetsuit


Here come the girls

Setting the boat up

Launching the boat into the water

It’s like quicksand

And we’re off

I’m stuck

This is the life

Rolling up the sail

After 3 run in

Enjoying the water

9 thoughts on “Sailing – Pitsford

  1. I absolutely loved sailing yesterday! The children were all so enthusiastic and independent and were able to teach me how to set up the boats. I am really looking forward to next week.

  2. On Monday I had the best day of my life! We had lots of fun ! We made up an animal called the crockadillipig that lives in the water. It’s half Pig half Crocodile. 🙂

  3. I hope the sailing people had lots of fun at sailing and had a good time. I like the boat pictures I hope to see some more pictures on the Ecton brook bolg.

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