Aspiration Group

Yesterday was the final day of the Aspirations Group activities.

When we arrived at the Benham Centre, most of the other schools that participated were there.  All the schools discussed what they liked the best and what they least liked.  All of the schools said the project had helped them grow in confidence, build on their teamworking skills and in some cases some of the children had made new friends.

Pone thing that stood out and was apparent when they were asked ‘Would you do Aspirations again?’, every child said “Yes”.




Likes and least liked

Sailing – Pitsford

Yesterday was truly an amazing day for sailing.  Everything was just perfect.  The sun was shining, the wind was just the right amount to take us from side to side, it was brilliant.

The children looked and acted like experienced sailors and did a magnificent job at rigging and getting their boats onto the water.

Team work

‘Where does this go again?’

Final checks

Out we go

A helping hand

Sailing into the sunset

Wading in the water

All hands on deck


Intra-sport Year 4

Yesterday afternoon Year 4 had a mini intra-sports competition.

First they competed in their houses in both archery and new age kurling.  Then they competed in Goal Ball in their classes as an A & B team.

The children were so loud in the hall cheering for both their respective houses and then their class.  They all seemed to enjoy the afternoon and the atmosphere was electric.

The overall winners for the house competition was Gorillas with 82 points.

Potential Young Leaders

New Age Kurling

Take aim…..

Great concentration

Sshhh the ball must be somewhere

‘Where was the goal again?’

Ecton Brook Staff -Duathalon

Yesterday 3 members of Ecton Brook staff entered and completed a Duathalon.

The race comprised of a 2k run, followed by a 4K bike ride and finished with a 1k run.

We had perfect weather to enjoy and compete in the race.  We are all looking forward to the next Duathalon.  Well done ladies.

The Duathalon Team (l-r Mrs Timmis, Miss Pilgrim and Mrs Clark)

Tag Rugby Year 5/6 – B Team

Yesterday we took our B team to Lings Primary School for Year 5/6 tag rugby.

All the teams had to have to girls playing on the pitch at all times, the team grew in strength with each game.

We finished 2nd with Lings as the winners, well done to the team they were a pleasure to watch.

The line out

Mr Watson and the team


Multiskills Yr4 – Benham Sports Centre

On Wednesday Year 4 went to Benham Sports Centre to participate in the Multiskills games.

All the children showed their skills in very different ways.  Some were really good at leading others, some were very helpful and some were very natural at some of the events.

Everyone had a good time and even asked if they could do it all again.

Working out the tactics


Take aim

Kurling as a team

Aspiration Group goes Orienteering – Overstone Scouts

Yesterday the Aspiration Group went Orienteering with other schools. 

The children had to use their map reading skills, take turns at leading the group and have a good sense of direction. 

We were very lucky with the weather once again, glorious sunshine stayed with us throughout our time in the woods. 

Running in the woods

We’ve found a clue

Walking into the woods

Reading the map to find the clues

Passing the ball

Passing the hoop around the circle without using hands

Completing the answer grid

Hopefully these answers are right

Lining up for the warm up games

Sailing – Pitsford (windy)

Well this was the wind that we had all been waiting for, but unfortunately it was too strong for us, so we all went out with Paul.  

Henry had to follow us in his speedboat.  There were moments when we thought we’d capsize and we thought right, we all capsized. 

We were wet, cold but enjoyed every minute of it, we’ve only got two weeks left and we’re all looking forward to next week. 

Exiting the cold water

Enjoying the water by having a swim

Recovering after capsizing

The inevitable has happened

Rescue me

Enjoying the waves

Capsized in style with a ‘dab’

Whoa that wind was strong

Shifting our body weight